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back to another edition of disability insurance law TV my name is Gregory Dell I'm an attorney with attorneys Dell and Schaefer and I'm joined today by attorney Cesar good video our firm is a law firm attorneys Dell and Schaefer and each week we create an episode of disability insurance law TV to educate the public about the way in which long term disability insurance companies handle disability claims today we're going to discuss the Sun Life Financial Company which is a long term disability insurance carrier that was founded in 1865 in anticipation of today's video we researched some cases so that we can give you into some examples of how the courts have looked at cases that have been denied by Sun Life and I think Caeser prepared some cases today they'd like to discuss I did Greg there was a case out of California where a federal federal judge essentially essentially remanded the case back down to the insurance company to award benefits and what had happened was this particular insured was a rehabilitation scheduler with the California Hospital she was involved in a pretty serious car accident and she injured her spine well as most people she tried to get back to work she goes back to work she has a serious fall at work where she fell ahead of out of a chair Andry injures her spine exacerbates her her injuries she files a disability claim with Sun Life Sun Life sends it to a medical consultant to review her medical records in her file the medical consultant says well you know these cases these spinal injury cases are generally self-limiting they're these people are typically back to work and they're fine within three months well Sun Life took this and went back and said well we're denying your benefits because you didn't satisfy the elimination period you should have been back to work within three months she sues the federal court finds that that was arbitrary is capricious these are just educated guesses by this medical consultant and you need medical observations to base your opinions on was the medical consultant their own medical consultant or some yeah it was an outside medical consultant somebody they hired to do this review and so when the court made their finding they reversed the denial from some life they reversed the denial they awarded her benefits essentially saying some life you have to pay her benefits and up to a certain point and then after that point they told Sun Life to get together with the insured and try to find some middle ground to continue those benefits let me I want to tell you and tell our viewers obviously a little bit about Sun Life because an anticipation of today I did some research on Sun Life so that I could explain the size of this company Sun Life was founded in 1865 there are company from Montreal and they're headquartered in Toronto Canada they've been around for over 145 years they're an extremely large company the fifth largest group life insurance...
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